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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In 2013, Adore embarked on a remarkable journey driven by a noble mission to offer budget-friendly homes to the suburban middle class of Mumbai. Dev and Ved, having accumulated years of experience working on diverse projects in the Palghar district, united their efforts to transform this vision into actuality. The inception of their inaugural project, Adore Homes, in 2014 marked the initial stride towards their shared objective

Devendra Dubey

Dev is a highly skilled professional with a strong background in the field of wealth management. After completing his MBA in marketing from SIESCOMS in 2004, Dev embarked on a successful career working with renowned banks such as HDFC, HSBC, and Kotak.


Dev is committed to upholding ethical working procedures. He understands the importance of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and compliance based on fostering long-lasting relationships, transparency and mutual respect.

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Vedprakash Pandey

Ved is a seasoned entrepreneur and a highly accomplished business development professional with a wealth of experience in strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research, and the real estate industry. 

As a real estate consultant and investment advisor, Ved has developed an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics and trends. His expertise allows him to analyze market conditions, identify investment opportunities, and provide valuable insights to clients. Ved's ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry enables him to offer strategic advice and guidance to individuals and organizations looking to make informed investment decisions.

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